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Effect of austerity

The SNP have to accept that the job Osborne and the Tories will deliver to the UK’s public services will affect the people of Scotland.

The referendum was lost for the YES campaign so they have to stop giving out false hope. The austerity cuts of £30 billion is a United Kingdom agenda. Therefore everwhere on these islands will suffer.

I know Labour has signed up to these cuts which I do not agree with. However, I would hope that cuts to our public services would be less severe under a Labour government.

If the Conservatives regain power, which they will if Scotland votes SNP, and with the help of UKIP and the DUP, could form a majority coalition government. So make no mistake if this happens the Scottish Nationalists will not be able to protect public services from the massive austerity cuts that all British working class people will suffer.

David Cameron’s arrogance is unbelieveable. He really believes he has already won the election because the Labour stronghold in Scotland could be lost.

Morgan Loughrie

The Crescent, Gowkshill

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