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Trident response

In response to the letter by Tony Trewavas (A knee-jerk reaction, 9 April) “...that while the world should be rid of nuclear weapons, the costs of doing so unilaterally were substantial in an unstable world...” For your information, UNA-UK wrote to FCO minister Tobias Ellwood to welcome the Government’s decision to attend the Vienna Conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons in December last year. This marked the first time that the UK has participated in this series of conferences, which are held outside of the UN’s own for a for discussion of nuclear weapons. Disappointingly, however, the UK’s statement was noted for the absence of a strong commitment to multilateral disarmament.”(New World 1/2015).

The UK government and the promoters of “multilateral nuclear disarmament” are deceiving people: Trident is not being built in order to be negotiated away in multilateral disarmament talks. The more nuclear weapons there are in the world, the greater is the insecurity and danger of accidents. Instead, the UK main parties are spending eye watering sums on the new Trident system, at a time when public services are being cut. Mutually Nuclear weapons are illegal and cannot be used. In the meantime there is more danger to the population of Glasgow and the Central Belt from accidents, real and potential. The only way to restrict nuclear weapons and stop more countries acquiring them is to actively working to strengthen and implement the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, the Test Ban and other treaties - and that’s what our Government should be doing. Far from being a minority view, most nations and people around the world would like to see an end of the nuclear arms race.

Mrs U K Hipkin

John Street, Penicuik

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