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SNP support from Tories

Colin Cassidy in his letter to the Advertiser suggested he was amused at the suggestion from Kenny Young that the Conservatives and SNP had worked together. Well, can I just remind Colin that the SNP minority administration following the 2007 Holyrood election had support from the Conservatives on certain issues? I can’t see that being repeated any time soon but nonetheless voters for minority parties can believe it is worthwhile to press for least bad solutions. The voters who opted to support Kenny Young in the recent Midlothian East by-election but are not usually Labour supporters clearly took that view. Colin may feel we all broke the rules but that’s politics. No politician is entitled to votes; they are in the gift of the electors.

Just in case Kenny is thinking he can rely on support from any of the ‘Conservatives’, he should be aware his sycophantic delivery of gratitude for his union backers may alter the equation. I couldn’t believe it when he said at the hustings in the Dalkeith Arts Centre that he would be proud to represent his union with no mention of voters. Well, if a General Election campaign is just a long job interview for the candidates it may not be wise to throw over the potential employer, the people of Midlothian, in this manner. Think again Kenny if you are looking to be the beneficiary of tactical voting this time!

Marnie Crawford

Lower Broomieknowe,


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