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MP must speak for all

Owen Thompson, our new MP, will no doubt be delighted at his emphatic victory in the General Election. The SNP and the Conservatives acted well in concert with Rupert Murdoch’s Sun - which readers may recall recommended voting SNP in Scotland while urging readers in England and Wales to vote Conservative so as to avoid what it depicted as the disaster of a Labour Government relying on SNP support. Some who read Mr Thompson’s promise that a vote for him was a vote to “Stop the Tories” might have reason to question the sincerity of that promise.

We heard assertions from Mr Thompson and the SNP that Scotland’s voice was not heard in England and that the SNP would remedy this. In his moment triumph Mr Thompson should bear in mind that his victory - the legitimacy of which I do not for a moment question - was based on a turnout of about 70%. While he attracted over 50% of those votes, 30% did not vote at all and almost 50% of those voting did not support the SNP.

If the issue is speaking for Scotland, Mr Thompson’s duty as a MP is to respect the wishes of a wider electorate.

In last year’s referendum the turnout in Midlothian was almost 87% with some 56% voting to remain part of the UK.

The SNP told us before the referendum that it was the opportunity to test the “sovereign will of the Scottish people” in a “once an a lifetime” poll.

Nicola Sturgeon constantly assured the electorate that the General Election was not about another referendum but many of us take such assurances with a barrrow load of salt.

The Scottish people’s voice was clearly heard only a few months ago and Mr Thompson has no mandate to use his position as a MP in our UK Parliament to seek in any way to advance the SNP’s aim of independence.

David I Dalgetty

George Drive, Loanhead

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