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Protecting our village

I came to Roslin in 1970 to work for the University of Edinburgh in its Farms Division. I have lived in Roslin ever since.

The article that begins on the front page of the June 18 Advertiser is very important in helping to raise awareness of historic remains in Roslin.

I remember that when I first came to Roslin, the site of the modern battle memorial (front page photograph) was overgrown. I saw the remains of the Count Lockhart monument. The cottage that used to stand in front of it was eventually pulled down by George Dickson. It had belonged to an older relative of his.

I am very worried that if development takes place on the land in and around Roslin vital historical evidence may be destroyed.

The Battle of Roslin is not the only event that took place here.

It used to be said that attempting to cultivate parts of certain fields would uncover remains, so some areas were left undisturbed.

Some time ago, aerial photographs revealed that the house where I currently live with my husband is built over part of the site of an Iron Age Fort.

What else is in Roslin which has yet to be revealed?

How can we protect our heritage?

Mirabelle Maslin

Penicuik Road, Roslin

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