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Respect for the law

I read in last week’s Advertiser that it will take two years before Midlothian Council can decriminalise parking enforcement, and enter into a contract with a parking enforcement firm to enforce parking restrictions in our towns and villages. If parking must be ‘decriminilalised’ then surely indiscriminate parking remains a breach of the law, and therefore a police matter.

Earlier in the year, Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson, the Local Area Commander, told us that he had reorganised our local Community Police Officers so that there were many more officers dedicated to community policing. Community policing surely is dealing with the low level criminality in our communities - of which indiscriminate parking is simply one aspect.

If our local police ignore blatant breaches of the law, indiscriminate parking, dog fouling, speeding etc, this implies that we can all ignore those laws which are inconvenient to us, and the next generation learn that they can ignore the law too - and we read each week in the Advertiser of assaults, and thefts from our supermarkets, garden sheds and vehicles.

In ‘days gone by’ we had respect for our local police officers, because he/she challenged us on the ‘little’ aspects of breaking the law, like cycling on the pavement, or riding without lights, and these ‘little things’ made us more likely to respect the law as a whole.

Isn’t it time our community police addressed the needs of the community, challenged us and where appropriate, took enforcement action when ANY of our laws are broken, including indiscriminate parking, and so encouraged us, and the next generation, to respect ALL of our laws?

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