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In Memory

Tribute to Craig

Words can’t begin to express the sadness I felt at the tragic news of Craig Finlay’s untimely death.

I had the pleasure of working with Craig for more than six years, four of them on the Advertiser - during which time I watched him blossom into a diligent and talented reporter.

Craig was passionate about representing the patch he served - doggedly taking on the ‘big boys’ on behalf of individuals or communities who turned to him for help.

One of the finest pieces of writing I’ve seen in many a year was the one he produced to campaign for a community hub in Dalkeith.

Craig was one of the good guys - sensitive, compassionate, a gentleman and a gentle man. But he was no push-over, often going toe-to-toe with those in authority who sought to silence him with flannel or strong-arm tactics.

He wore his faith with pride, but was never judgemental or ‘holier than thou’ - indeed, he had a wicked sense of humour, mostly aimed at himself.

I can’t imagine what Craig’s family and Dawn must be going through at the moment, my heartfelt thoughts are with them.

I have a better idea of what the Advertiser team are feeling. They, like me, will be mourning the loss of a highly-valued colleague and a much-loved friend.

Jo Robinson

Former editor of the Midlothian Advertiser

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