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Voting for the policies

Returning from Glasgow on the evening of August 14, we felt compelled to inform your readers of the wonderfully uplifting experience a political rally can be. This was the case at the “Jeremy Corbyn for Leader” of the Labour Party meeting was. The enthusiastic contributions from the speakers, the band, but most of all the straight talking honest politics from Jeremy Corbyn made it such a worthwhile trip. We were so happy to hear a man who says what he means and means what he says, this has been his integrity for so many years, he explained his ideas so well on the night in particular “Growth not Austerity” and a free life-long education service.

Labour and peace activists have known him for many years, but now the person and more importantly his policies are known by so many more. When he entered the debate some said he was only adding to the debate, now the debate is about him.

Never in the Labour Party’s history has so many new members joined the Labour Party in so short a period of time, and looking for the well-kent faces in the audience was meaningless as we were surrounded by many new faces, mostly young faces, of hope inspired by the politics.

We are both definitely voting for Jeremy Corbyn for leader – to get the politics back on the agenda, not for any personalities or any other tactics. It’s an easy decision.

Bryan and Michelle Pottinger

Tenth Street, Newtongrange

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