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Labour leadership

To win, Labour must reconnect as we have endured five years of austerity with another five years of vicious attacks on the most venerable people within society.

The richest people in Britain have doubled their wealth while the poorest have been driven to the brink of destitution. Yet the Labour party could not offer a credible alternative as a result Labour suffered an election disaster.

Jeremy Corbyn offers hope and inspiration and reconnects with real Labour party values. No Labour leader has ever inspired more Labour party supporters than Jeremy Corbyn has as Blair, Kinnock, Mendelssohn, Campbell, merely ensure that traditional Labour party supporters back Corbyn? It’s disappointing that the National Union of Mineworkers are supporting a candidate Yvette Cooper who supports austerity and £12 billion and quoted as saying we can’t go back to opening the coal mines?

Labour’s failures have now saddled us with a Tory government hell bent on cutting £12 billion from the welfare budget, their arrogance is breathtaking as only 11 million people voted Tory where as 34 million did not vote Tory this was compounded with a further 15 million who are so disillusioned they did not vote for any one?

The banking system was brought to its knees by the relentless drive to extort profit from the efforts of working people and now the bankers continue there parasitic activity while the poorest are made to pay.

Capitalism has proved incapable of providing such a society, so surely we must start with the aspiration to create a socialist society and demonstrate to the 15 million who did not vote, that in Jeremy Corbyn there is hope not hate and there is an alternative to the right wing drive within the Labour party.

The Scottish Labour party offers nothing new and the new leader will fail [as did Murphy] as she supports replacing trident and austerity and the cuts. Growth not austerity, no more illegal wars, fully funded NHS, public ownership, end to franchising where the shareholders benefit, repeal of anti-trade union laws. Corbyn offers a new kind of politics a fairer, kinder society with decent jobs and decent public services.

Michael Hogg

Secretary Mayfield & Easthouses Retired Mineworkers branch

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