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Broadband discomfort

I read with interest in the Advertiser on October 29 the letter from Gavin Patterson of BT, about the roll out of fibre broadband. On the face of it 90 per cent UK fibre coverage and access for 27,0000 homes in Midlothian look like impressive statistics. However, many of us who are still waiting will find it very strange that we are among the 10 per cent.

I live in Loanhead - less than five miles from the centre of Scotland’s capital and little more than a mile from an exchange which has been fibre broadband enabled for many months. Yet the enabling of the street cabinet needed to allow access by individual homes seems as far off as ever. That so many of our fellow citizens have moved into the new era of fast and unlimited broadband access is of little comfort to those few of us who continue to receive a second class service and who have every reason to fear that at the end of 2017 we will be in the five per cent still waiting.

David I Dalgetty OBE

George Drive, Loanhead

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