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Housing issue

In an article in last week’s Advertiser (“Girl can’t visit dad’s damp flat”, page 5), it was stated that Midlothian Council had indicated it would repair the roof of the property, but that no mention of the issue of damp was made.

However, it is important to note that the property in question is not the sole responsibility of Midlothian Council.

The property at Gibraltar Court is owned by a private landlord who is managed by a residential property management company. The council leases the property through this company and uses it for homeless people.

Under the terms of the lease, it is the landlord and managing agents’ responsibility for the maintenance of the internal fabric and services repairs along with any mutual elements of the property. Fundamentally, on this basis, the council cannot carry out repairs on these elements within the property.

Furthermore, if it is the case that there is dampness due to lack of maintenance to the flat then the matter should be, and has been, referred to the managing agents, and not the council. The tenant has been advised by the homelessness service how to report repairs to the landlord and his agent.

Clarification regarding these lease arrangements and how repairs are reported can be found by contacting Midlothian Council directly.

John Blair

Director, Resources,

Midlothian Council

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