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Midlothian tourist bus plan flawed

With reference to your article in this week’s Advertiser and your leader column. Here is yet another daft decision by the SNP leaders running the council showing just how out of touch they are.

How can Midlothian Council commit to spending £69,000 on a tourist bus when it has withdrawn subsidies from small communities across the county leaving them with no bus services?

I’m sure the people of Newton Village, Roslin and those from Bonnyrigg who have seen their services removed or reduced will be pleased to hear about this.

Most of the routes covered by this bus are also well serviced by LRT and cheaper than the £5 fare planned for the Tourist bus. Why can’t we simply point visitors to the bus services that already exist or indeed where necessary local taxi firms.

Also why does this bus not go anywhere near Vogrie Park? This is an excellent council-owned facility that is impossible to get to without a car. Yet the tourist bus instead heads for Dalkeith Country Park, owned by the Duke of Buccluech, one of Britain’s richest people, who has the audacity to charge an entry fee! No suggestion of any subsidy coming from there though!

This is an outrageous waste of public money when cuts are being made to vital services and the SNP should think again.

Hazel Flanagan

Rosebery Crescent, Birkenside

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