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Midlothian’s EU benefits

David Cameron has now finally announced the date of the EU referendum for 23rd June. But what will it mean for Midlothian?

Midlothian has much to gain from being in the EU. It helps support our economy through funds and access to markets. It ensures that our residents have access to fundamental rights. And it helps us attract world-class talent to our schools, hospitals and scientific institutions, such as the Roslin Institute. It has helped support major infrastructure improvements across Scotland and has helped underpin the nation’s cultural scene. By comparison, coming out of the EU will leave the county a poorer place in every sense - less secure militarily, economically and socially. Migration is certainly a major issue and should not be ignored in this debate, but European cooperation is the solution to this issue, rather than the cause.

Cameron is taking a huge gamble with the British economy just to placate some of his own party. We should also be live to the dangers of a potential divided Britain on the back of the referendum. Let’s all hope Cameron’s gamble pays off and Midlothian and the rest of the UK can continue to benefit from being part of the world’s largest trading bloc.

Ross Laird

Midlothian Liberal Democrats

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