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Main Street race track

I write in connection to an article I wrote to the Advertiser some time ago (March 10, 2011, No speed bumps).

This was referring to speed bumps that someone had called for on the back lane of Dean park (running parallel with the new railway line).

I still don’t think this is a necessary requirement given the low levels of traffic that use this lane.

However, I do think it is high time there should be speed bumps or some kind of traffic calming measures in place on the Main Street of Newtongrange. This street in recent years has turned in to a race track and is dangerous to pedestrians, pets, cyclists other road users. Vehicles now park on both sides of the Main Street all the way along and it’s getting out of hand. Some parts of the road have reduced vision due to hedges, bends in the road. Large parked vehicles etc. and it makes it hard to see if it is clear to pass these parked vehicles. Traffic volumes along this corridor have increased dramatically in recent times due to the increased housing within the area and increased road users. I know this as I live on the Main Street and I listen to it day after day.

My daughter was hit right out side my house some time ago and the traffic was not as bad/busy then as it is now. I have had five cats run over right out side my door in the past five years, all at different times of the day. Unfortunately four of them did not survive and it breaks my heart every time I lose one of my babies. I still have two cats and I fear for them every minute of the day. I also fear that one day, sooner rather than later, this will be a person (child) that’s going to get hit and at the speed some of these vehicles are travelling I don’t think they will survive either. Mark my works it’s just a matter of time if nothing is done to reduce the speed on this road by what ever means necessary.

I thank you for taking the time to read this letter. In doing so it may rise awareness of this unsafe situation that faces the residents of Newtongrange.

Colin Birrell

Main Street, Newtongrange

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