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Funding for miners’ home

It was with great sadness I read in the Advertiser (March 31, 2016) that Midlothian Council were ceasing to fund the convalescent home for miners at Gullane.

My grandmother, in her late 70s and 80s, enjoyed many a happy week at the home after she lost my grandfather and it was recently brought home to me how important this facility is when, over the last THREE years, my own mother started going down to Gullane for a week in the summer. She is now 88 years old and started to meet old acquaintances from the “good old days” when she lived in Gorebridge.

My sadness turned to severe irritation when I read the article about Catherine Johnstone, the council leader, failing to reveal an extra £2.8m of available funds for the council.

The SNP’s anonymous response that it was all Westminster’s fault begins to ring extremely hollow as they have been in power for eight years now and have consistently starved the local authorities of a workable budget!

Now that they can’t justify the hidden money they turn round and blame the Labour Party!

Maybe the old times weren’t so bad!

Ian Rogan

Ancrum Bank, Dalkeith

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