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Labour’s performance

Re the constant complaining from the Labour Party in Midlothian about funding cuts to the services the council provide to residents in Midlothian. They need to remember they controlled the administration in Midlothian for 84 years, ending in 2012 when the SNP took control of the administration. So let’s look at their performance!

In 2012 the reserves held by Midlothian Council under Labour were £1.5 million, an amount described by Audit Scotland as “ near bankruptcy”. Thankfully under the control of the SNP administration these reserves have increased to well over £12m, allowing the council to be reactive to any emergency.

The housing fiasco in Gorebridge build under the Labour administration, which was negligent to the point of endangering people’s lives, will cost a staggering £12m to rebuild, this does not include the financial assistance given to the people affected for relocation or emergency housing costs. How much did it cost to build in the first place?

The building of PFI schools in Midlothian which the Labour Party insisted were affordable and of highest quality, these schools now financially burden Midlothian Council £10m per year, over next 30 years. At a recent council meeting Councillor Milligan stated “all PFI schools will be in pristine condition in 30 years time” the next day four schools in Edinburgh were found to have structural faults. Thankfully the new school at Newbattle is being built with all financial responsibility falling at the feet of the Scottish Government and not Midlothian Council.

So perhaps the Labour Party in Midlothian should be more mindful about criticising the current SNP administration, who in times of imposed budget cuts have managed to increase financial reserves, find the extra resources for the rebuilding of Newbyres Crescent and Gore Crescent and continue to meet the financial obligations of the Labour Party PFI policy.

Let’s remember why we are now all facing difficult decisions with regard the current austerity measures the banks collapsed, Gordon Brown had sold all of the gold reserves off, leaving no option but to borrow.

So I ask the Labour Party in Midlothian to be mindful, the residents that live here are!

B McNeil

Suttieslea Crescent, Newtongrange

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