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Midlothian Council’s decision to relocate Stobhill and Fushiebridge depots without consultation is a shock to the people of Gorebridge and no doubt to Mayfield and Newtongrange.

The staff in these depots use the shops at Birkenside, Gowkshill and the top of Newtongrange, and will badly affect their business.

This council boasts that it consults with the Communities but Cllr Rosie states that consultation will take place with staff and unions but does not mention communities.

I would also inform the excitable Cllr Rosie (as many people will have already done) that both Fushiebridge and Stobhill are located on the A7 and are as near the bypass as Hopefield.

I would hope that the council would set aside the decision until consultation can take place between the council and community councils


Eddie Robertson


Gorebridge Community Council

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