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Disgusted by attitude

I was wondering if you could bring Midlothian Council’s bulky uplift service to your readers’ attention?

I phoned this morning and was told this service is now chargeable. There are no more free uplifts. People wonder why there is so much fly tipping. This is the reason.

Also the skips now are inaccessible to vans. They have to be booked in but Midlothian Council vans are in and out every day. I’m sure they don’t need an appointment.

I’m utterly disgusted by their attitude. They insist you recycle but refuse to co-operate.

With other rubbish the councillors made the decision to charge for the uplift service but did they consult any of the council tax payers? Why do people pay council tax when they still have to pay extra for council services? If they spent less on useless things like food recycling then the people could still have an uplift service.

I feel your readers have the right to be informed of this decision as it is contributing to fly tipping.

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