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Drone dangers

A ‘toy’ drone flew round our houses in Penicuik. The green and red lights could have been mistaken for a UFO, and miraculously it did not hit a house, or phone wires. It rose to 50 metres, hovered, and eventually circled the children’s swings at Dykes Road, valley area, before disappearing near Pentland House.

Have you seen any drones readers? Are these machines licensed? Are they the next Christmas parents nightmare, expensive toy?

British and USA military drones take lives and save lives in war stricken areas, and reduce the military body bags coming home, especially in the USA, in an ‘election year’.

Billions of dollars are spent on these weapons, providing many technical jobs, but in the wrong hands there could be disastrous repercussions.

Will this be the latest addition, to already laser pens pointed at aircraft, Chinese metal wired lanterns floating into aircraft paths? Crazy world!

Alan Robertson,

Dykes Road, Penicuik

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