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Reading the article (June 30, 2016) from Mr Beattie I noticed that he was “delighted to report that the response confirmed that the moratorium

will stay in place while a comprehensive research programme investigates the potential impacts”.

My dictionary defines moratorium as “a temporary prohibition or suspension of an activity” so, with this in mind, what would have been of more interest and value to us all are details of what exactly is being done in this comprehensive research programme, who is carrying out the comprehensive research programme and what is the time scale for reporting the findings.

Until we are told this information one is left with the distinct impression that the SNP administration is using this moratorium as an excuse not to have to make a decision. I believe the stance being taken is along the lines of – no licences will be granted until it can be proved fracking does not harm the environment and can be extracted safely– well, how can you prove both of these issues if a licence is not issued to proceed with a trial?

Therefore, Mr Beattie it is time for you and your colleagues in Holyrood to stop hiding behind the moratorium and move this issue forward so that it can be decided if fracking can be or cannot be done in Scotland. – Yours, etc.,

G. McLeod

Lasswade Road


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