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Honours system

Time for reform of the Lords

Sir, – Surely the publication of David Cameron’s honours list will at last bring about the reform of the House of Lords. This should not be difficult.

The hereditary peers to remain as at present. The others to vote amongst themselves to elect 120, divided into groups of 24, to serve in the House of Lords.

After one year the first group of 24 to stand down or offer themselves for re-election. Each year the process to be repeated until the fifth group which will have served for five years. Thereafter each group will have served for five years when the time for an election comes round.

Peers could still be appointed but they would not serve in the House of Lords and could not claim any fees. This arrangement would drastically cut costs but at the same time would give continuity and an opportunity to introduce new blood. – Yours, etc.,

William W. Scott

St Baldred’s Road

North Berwick

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