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Olympic legacy

Look after your body and mind

Sir, – Since the 2012 London Olympics, the legacy was to continue to improve people’s lives through participation in sport and bring countries together every four years not only to win a medal but to just take part in this wonderful event in Brazil in 2016.

Despite professionalism taking over from its amateur image and drugs, war, poverty, politics interfering in the ethos and friendliness of the Olympic Games. We must carry on regardless of threats of terrorism and man’s attempt to destroy our way of life. Investment in sport after London 2012 mostly goes to England so locally in Penicuik I hoped that the Olympic legacy would filter down to an althetics all-weather track at Beeslack High School for the local schools and public to use including Penicuik Harriers and everybody to enjoy as the local population increases in west Midlothian and beyond.

However, a decision was made to build a 3G football/hockey pitch instead, 50 per cent paid for by the Army/MOD. Great. Fifty years ago I was lucky to have great gym teachers and other staff who gave us a wide range of athletic and other sports, especially after school, teachers gave up their time.

Today’s education curriculum is bigger now with computer/business studies, a priority for the future. One thousand Midlothian young people leave school every year so looking after your body and health is a priority.

It is inclined to take second place in today’s digital computer technology demands of employers. So keep fit! Enjoy the Olympics and Paralympics, the smiles, the tears, Brazil 2016. - Yours, etc.,

Alan Robertson

Dykes Road


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