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Labour leadership

A vote to win the party back

Sir, – The Labour Party leadership election has been caused by a total lack of respect by the PLP, which includes MSPs and MEPs, with the party membership who share the polices of Jeremy Corbyn (JC).

When Johann Lamont stood down as leader in Scotland many of the grassroots members, along with the trade unions, backed Neil Findlay MSP, but the PLP colluded to put Jim Murphy MP up as a candidate because Neil stood for progressive policies and change, just like Jeremy, and the result ended with ONE Labour MP left in Scotland!

Kezia Dugdale is now supporting the establishment candidate Owen Smith – no surprises there!

I am a Labour councillor in Midlothian and people are crying out for change as they cannot get a doctor, the police, the fire service, an ambulance or a council house.

I am voting for Jeremy Corbyn and urge party members who want to claim back their party from the PLP to vote in their thousands for JC! – Yours, etc.,

Councillor Alex Bennett


Midlothian Council

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