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Champion post is untenable

Sir, – Having read your article on Provost Joe Wallace’ outburst about veterans, I am somewhat at a loss as to the angle you have taken on this.

On two occasions your article refers to the “war of words” between the parties. Taken together with your leader comment, it is clear that your paper is attempting to make light of this issue by suggesting that this is all about making political capital.

This is absolutely not the case. If anyone doubts this they really should listen to his words for themselves . It’s not just what he said – it’s the way that he said it. Http://www.ultrasoft2.co.uk/JoeWallace.wav

It is a simple fact that, on the basis of clear views expressed by the Veterans Champion Provost Wallace at the meeting, he should not continue to hold the post of Veterans Champion.

The Provost has issued a non apology, apology. He says “I apologise unreservedly IF my comments have caused offence” I should have chosen my words better”

He has not denied saying it or explained why he made the remarks, just that he should not have made them.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Councillor Wallace’s position as Midlothian Veteran’s Champion is completely untenable.

The post holder has a duty to actively promote the welfare of ALL veterans, irrespective of the length of their service, or who at the end of the day pays for the services provided. Certainly in the view of a number of veterans who have written to me, he has no credibility to remain in post.

Councillor Wallace says that he was frustrated at the cuts in funding for drugs and alcohol work in Midlothian.

The cuts in question are being made by the Scottish Government and this was a ham-fisted attempt by Councillor Wallace to try to pin the blame on someone else. In doing so he simply let the veil slip. – Yours, etc.,

Councillor Derek Milligan

Bonnyrigg, Lasswade and Poltonhall

Midlothian Council Labour Group Leader

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