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Council Tax

Putting party before county

Sir, – I was shocked to hear that the SNP Scottish Government is to grab £1m from Council Tax takings in Midlothian for use in other council areas. What is even more shocking is the unanimous support for this from local SNP councillors. Yet again they are putting the interests of their party before the interests of Midlothian residents.

I suppose we should not be surprised as this is a group with a poor track record. The SNP group cut local policing (CAT Teams) by more than half last year to save money, when they actually had £2m more in reserves than they thought. Their finance spokesperson also stated in this paper that the £69,000 costs for a tourist bus that takes less than one person per journey is good for our local economy.

Now we have SNP councillors claiming that the £1.7m increase in tax bands would leave Midlothian no worse off, despite Midlothian only being able to keep £700k of this for its own use. In truth the SNP councillors will say anything, no matter how absurd, in order to protect their leaders in Holyrood from any criticism.

Labour might not be doing too great nationally at the moment, but personally, I can’t wait for the local elections in May next year. Labour councillors are the only ones that seem to understand the importance of local councillors focussing on local issues and certainly are the only ones likely to fight our corner when it comes to the massive cuts that the SNP Government will force on us over the next few years. – Yours, etc.,

Stephen Curran


Labour Party member

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