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Stepping down to focus on law studies

Sir, – The next elections to Midlothian Council will take place in May 2017, and I wanted to let readers within my ward know that I have decided not to put my name forward this time.

I was extremely humbled by people’s support when I became a councillor for my home area. I have enjoyed my time on the council, and I hope I’ve made a positive difference.

Last summer, I began combining my role as a councillor with studying law. This worked well, since I could be flexible around my studies and put my council duties first. However, my training will shortly become a full-time commitment. I cannot honestly say that I could balance this with doing a good job as your councillor, so I don’t think that it’s right to put myself forward.

During my time on the council, I have enjoyed working with those from different political parties, and none, as well with my Labour colleagues. There are kind, committed people on all sides of the chamber.

However, one of the main lessons from my time in office has been to fully appreciate how important it is that Scotland becomes a normal country again, with a normal political environment, focussed on people’s lives. The ongoing campaign to split up the UK completely dominates the political landscape, and distracts too many politicians in Holyrood from the job they are there to do for us. It’s time for people to move on, for the good of everyone.

Most importantly, I want to thank the residents of my ward for their support since, and before, I was elected. I am not going anywhere immediately, so – as always – please let me know if I can help with any local issues. – Yours, etc.,

Councillor Kenny Young


Midlothian East Ward

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