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PM’s pledge

Promise is not being delivered

Sir, – It is striking to note the findings of the Resolution Foundation, highlighting that while top earners were hit the hardest following the financial crisis, looking forward the biggest losers are lower income families, with the entire bottom third of the income distribution set to see incomes fall in the years ahead.

In recent months it looked like the government recognised that they had inherited welfare cuts that would mean significant income falls for the very just managing families that Theresa May has rightly highlighted as deserving support. Indeed the Autumn Statement did include some welcome measures to raise the minimum wage, tackle letting agent fees and reduce the taper rate at which benefits are taken away as families earn more.

But overall the rhetorical commitment to just managing families has not been delivered upon. The giveaway from that reduced taper being wiped out more than twice over by the additional takeaway from higher inflation deepening the impact of the freeze on benefits over the next few years.

This is clearly deeply disappointing and worrying for those families on the lowest incomes. Since arriving on the steps of Number 10 Mrs May pledged to help those who are just about managing. This pledge is clearly not being delivered and more help is needed for low income families if we are to prevent them being hit hardest. – Yours, etc.,

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace


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