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How can you help your community?

Sir, – The churches of St Mary and St Leonard’s would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. We pray that Christmas for you will indeed be a time of Good News and Great Joy. I think we can all agree that our world is in need of some good news stories and joy.

As we look to the New Year one challenge we are asking of ourselves is how the churches of St Leonard’s and St Mary’s can be good news to the community around us and how can we be places of joy? It is also a personal challenge to each one of us, in a world that is often dark and selfish, with everyone looking out for themselves, to ask the question how can we do good today and tomorrow and help bring a little joy to our community.

I often hear that people are not committed to churches, clubs or societies as they once were. So as well as wishing you a Merry Christmas I want to challenge you to be a good person. Ask yourself, “how can I be a good news person in 2017?” There are many clubs and activities for young and old in our community and all of them are looking out for people to help them. Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades as well as Scouts, Guides and Cubs etc all looking for helpers. There are also groups for the elderly or lonely. Your support could bring joy to them and be good news for the group and the wider community.

With every blessing this Christmas time. – Yours, etc.,

Rev Peter Harris

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