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Community - Bonnyrigg town centre was a credit to all

Sir, – I would like to express appreciation of the Christmas Lights in Bonnyrigg town centre on behalf of myself and a group of friends.

We would like to thank everyone concerned with them: those who put them up and who will take them down, the council for not axing them in these straitened financial times and whoever “designed” them as they were certainly bespoke and fitted their host buildings beautifully.

We have heard several favourable comments over the Christmas season and I have even told people that it was worth making a detour through Bonnyrigg in the dark as the lights were worth seeing. So a big thanks to all concerned.

Also could we also express thanks to our two regular main street cleaners. Those guys do a great job...better than any machines. It’s just a pity they can’t banish the pigeons! – Yours, etc.,

(Name and address withheld)

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