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Anger at Bilston traffic

Sir, – I wish to share my frustration and concern at on-going traffic issues within the Bilston village. As a resident for many years my patience is wearing thin, as is the road itself.

Between the hours of 6am and 9am, 3pm and 6pm the level of traffic travelling along Seafield Road is completely unacceptable. You will find that in addition to peak times all day every day unnecessary vehicles use this road. Heavy goods vehicles, buses, car transporters, lorries, coaches, trucks, vans, cars, tractors, caravans, horse boxes – you name it, it drives along what is a residential street.

The increased traffic calming measures, two new pedestrian crossings, which have been installed since the completion of the new primary school, are welcome and I was delighted to see the new 20 miles per hour signs erected. Initially, I had hoped the increased measures would put non-residents off using the road, unfortunately, this has not been the case.

Few drivers respect the traffic calming measures in place and even fewer respect that this is a residential street. Numerous vehicles regularly break the speed limit and larger vehicles do not slow down for the speed bumps.

Seafield Road is used as a “rat run” to the Bush Estate or a “short cut” to Straiton Retail Park. I am sorry but this road is neither, it is where I and many others live. I would be happy to name and shame several companies who regularly use this as an unnecessary route.

Recently I was almost knocked down on one of the new pedestrian crossings because the driver of the 4x4 vehicle was going too fast and was not preparing to slow for the speed bump and crossing. I then had to face a torrent of verbal abuse because he said I was in the wrong for pointing out that the street is 20 miles per hour.

Residents of the new Cameron Gardens estate are adding to the traffic issues also. Some are parking their work and personal vehicles on Seafield Road, causing congestion at a junction in the road, I do not understand why this is necessary when they all have allocated parking spaces within the estate.

Traffic issues have been discussed previously with local councillors and at community council meetings; as a resident I would like to know, from these elected officials and the Roads Department of Midlothian Council, what additional action is being taken to control the traffic within Bilston village?

I want to see the speed limit enforced, yellow line parking restrictions put in place, strict instructions placed on Bush Estate and Straiton Retail Park companies not to use Seafield Road for access and consultation with residents about ongoing issues from Midlothian Council.

To top it all off, it has recently been confirmed that Taylor Wimpey have submitted their application to erect a further 212 units on with only one vehicular access from Seafield Road – an absolute disgrace! – Yours, etc.,

Miss G Prince

Seafield Road


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