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Politics – Actions show Union is broken

Sir, – The Advertiser on February 16 carried a request from Owen Thompson, MP for Midlothian, calling for respect from Tory MP’s when matters concerning the devolved governments were being discussed. I would suggest this plea should include all English constituency MP’s but I fear that this most basic of expectations will continue to fall on deaf ears.

In this so-called Union of equal nation states the smaller nations, and I include Scotland in this, have allowed through their compliance and submission a permanent democratic deficiency to become established. In recent times and in quick succession we have seen the introduction of EVEL (English laws for English votes), the total disregard of the Sewell convention, the probable imposition of a hard Brexit against the wishes of the Scottish electorate and a contemptuous dismissal of the Scottish Government’s alternative proposals for a differentiated Brexit. There is more!

Anyone who has watched the Parliament programme on TV or the many video clips on social media and YouTube cannot fail to see with what contempt and hostility our representatives are treated in that place. The latest example of apoplectic animosity was displayed by the Deputy Speaker in his dismissive attempt at silencing Joanna Cherry MP as she tried to speak in the debate.

I would go further than our MP Owen Thompson and say to all our MPs. It is obvious that our “constitutional” democracy is not working and that the Union is broken. Our representatives are treated with utter contempt and the hopes and ambitions of our country are thwarted at every opportunity.

Our voices are not being heard and I can see no prospect of matters improving. It is time to show some pride, realise we are not welcome there. We, the Scottish people you represent, do not have to and should not put up with this third class treatment. My message is just come home to Holyrood and let us shift for ourselves. I am sure we can do just as well and better up here than down in that poisonous place. – Yours, etc.,

John F Davidson

Park Road


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