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Election - It’s time for new blood and thinking

Sir, – I would like to inform the good people of Midlothian East Ward that I will be standing in the local council Election as an Independent candidate. Why independent? The reason is simple. I do not want to be used as a political pawn of any political party. I believe in having my own independence to decide what is best for the communities I hope to represent after May 4.

Members of the public are tired of seeing the petty squabbles going on at a local level with the major political parties trying to get one over each other (turning council meetings into a mini Westminster) rather than concentrating on the local issues that should be their priority.

Our communities are under severe strain from recent cuts and there are more to come affecting all parts of the services.

Most of the sitting councillors have had over 10 years to change things around but it is time for a change; new blood and new thinking. I feel I can help bring that change.

Let the political parties argue the rights or wrongs of Brexit and Scottish Independence through the media, on your doorstep and in Midlothian House. Although important, this in my view is not for the local elections where it should be all about your local community. This election is what I, or any other candidate, can do for you and to represent your views. It should be about issues; including community policing, raising attainment in education, local planning issues, environmental issues (like the dumping of rubbish), more council houses, local infrastructure, developer contributions being better negotiated for your community, waiting lists at doctors’ surgeries, care in the community, supporting local voluntary community groups, etc.

There are so many important issues which affect our communities. I hope I can look forward to your support. – Yours, etc.,

Robert Hogg

Independent candidate

Midlothian East Ward

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