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Council elections - Backing the independents

Sir, – Having just read Robert Hogg’s letter in this week’s Advertiser, I feel compelled to write in support of everything which Robert has stated. Local authority elections should be about local communities and ensuring that we elect individuals who have the best interests of their local communities at heart.

We have pressing and important issues to address over the next five years in Midlothian. Issues such as raising attainment in education, the pressing need for housing, improved public transport links, improving the local environment and ensuring that Midlothian has the infrastructure to deal with the rapidly growing population in the county. Indeed I could add many more to the aforementioned list.

Political parties do have their place but at the local authority level the debate and the argument should be about local issues and not national issues. We have national parliaments to debate such issues. Robert Hogg explains clearly why it is vitally important to have a number of independent councillors serving their communities.

Independent councillors are free to defend the interests of their communities while councillors who are members of a political party or grouping often have to put the interests of the party or the group before the interests of their constituents and communities. At local government level this is unacceptable and I would urge voters at the forthcoming local authority elections to send as many independents to the council as possible. – Yours, etc.,

Cllr Andrew Coventry

Boyd Orr Drive


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