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Council make-up - a fresh approach is needed

Sir, – In a couple of weeks we will again be asked to choose our elected councillors to sit in the council chamber. My understanding is that the financial reserves of the council after five years of an SNP administration are almost at rock bottom, the tank is empty and the warning lights are flashing. This is a result of party politicians playing party politics rather than putting the interests of their constituents first.

This coming election is not about independence or Brexit; it is about who we can trust to ensure that vital services to young and old alike continue to be delivered in Midlothian.

There are five first rate independent candidates standing across the six council wards this year including Robert Hogg in Midlothian East, Jim Bryant in Dalkeith, George McIntyre in Bonnyrigg, Jason Ferry in Midlothian South and the excellent Andrew Coventry in Midlothian West.

There has been a lot of talk recently in these pages about the rise of the independents and I would certainly agree that we need a fresh approach to council politics and I will be voting for my local independent candidate in Ward 4, Andrew Coventry, and I would urge as many voters as possible to get behind their local independents in order to ensure that some common sense, integrity and decency is injected into the council chamber. – Yours, etc.,

George Boyd

Park Avenue


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