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Politics – There is an art to public speaking

Sir, – I have just been to a meeting to meet and hear from the candidates for the local election in our ward. I left frustrated and angry.

Three of the five candidates had no idea how to communicate to a sizeable audience in a large hall.

They gabbled a torrent of words into a microphone as if it were a telephone and they were having a conversation with one person. I, and others, could make out almost nothing of what they were trying to say. Public speaking is an art which must be learned.

The voice, with or without a mic’, has to be projected as if to the back of the hall. The words need to be spoken with a clarity and at a speed which will communicate to folk like me who have imperfect hearing. But if they want our vote they need to care about us!

If would-be politicians have not the innate insights to understand this, then God help Scotland’s political future. – Yours, etc.,

Ralph Smith

Waverley Road


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