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Manchester - A price to pay for UK foreign policy

Sir, – A suicide bomber blows himself up in the foyer of the concert hall in Manchester, causing many deaths and injuries.

All week the media churned out the same rhetoric, condemnation from PM and politicians alike, the same scenes on the streets of Manchester as we saw in London after the bombing there, flowers being laid in the street, people crying in front of a camera.

Still, no one is seriously asking why did such evil happen?

The young man came from Libya, was that significant?

Now you may not think much of Trump but he did say at the time, that intervention in Libya would only lead to instability in the region, and can only end in tears, (my words).

When are MPs at Westminster going to stand up and be counted instead of sticking their head in the sand over Britain’s foreign policy, a policy that lies at the heart of this atrocity in Manchester, and around the world? Two per cent of GDP spending on NATO? Let’s instead spend two per cent of GDP on manufacturing peace, not armaments; this would be a better defence policy for our country. – Yours, etc.,

Walter Hamilton

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