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The Union - Country split on constitution

Sir, – One of your contributors (B D from Gorebridge) in Letters (June 22) has clearly swallowed the council election’s literature of the Tory party and the other Unionist parties. In complete disregard of the roles and responsibilities of our local councillors he may have used his vote in the misguided belief that by doing so he would somehow be voting against Holyrood’s desire for a new Independence referendum.

Surely he must have known that no local councillor is in a position to influence such weighty constitutional matters. To that extent the Tory duplicity has been successful.

He then goes on to extol the Union.

If the Union is the sum of its parts, by consensus, then surely what can be added can also be taken away.

Division is not caused by one of those parts, Scotland, wanting to return to self-determination but rather by those who would seek to deny it at all costs.

The democratic process will and must be allowed to take its due course.

As for his suggestion that the Union flag should take precedence over the Saltire, I can think of fewer things more likely to promote division.

The country is split on the matter of the constitution and we are not all attached to the notions of Empire or United Kingdom. Very many of us prefer self-determination and a free Scotland. – Yours, etc.,

J F Davidson

Park Road


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