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Brexit - Future belongs to the young

Sir, – There will have been many and varied reasons for voting Leave in the EU Referendum. There can have been none so trivial or flippant perhaps as that given by your contributor(Letters, 29 June 29) that his main reason was to restore imperial weights and measures. Surely not worth the loss of the four freedoms of movement, the protections of the European Court of Human Rights and all the benefits of the Single Market?

In my three score and ten years I have seen and had to respond to some significant changes including decimalisation, metrication and, most challenging, the arrival of high technology and the advance of the information/internet age. I have been able to adapt and relearn. Those of us who are a certain age should not be seeking to turn the clock back. The future belongs not to us but to the young.

We have already betrayed the young and harmed their future prospects through our mindless decision to turn our back on Europe. We must not do anything more to harm or complicate their futures. – Yours, etc.,

J. F. Davidson

Park Road


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