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War games - Nuclear force keeps jobs

Sir, – ‘Big Lizzie’ or HMS Queen Elizabeth has started seven weeks of sea trials – £3 billion worth of aircraft carrier built over 10 years at Rosyth, Fife, with some nuts and bolts from MacTaggart Scott of Loanhead, a great engineering, nautical company where they quietly contribute to our Navy defence units.

The Prince of Wales carrier will be next for completion, and then both will be based at Portsmouth. HMS Big Lizzie will set sail in 2o21 with 1600 crew.

What is next for Rosyth and Scotland’s skilled workers? No subs! Only decomissioned ones buried near Rosyth docks.

The USA has asked/told her allies to contribute three per cent of their annual economy to help their debt and expenditure in helping to keep world peace.

The aircraft carriers will be part of our contribution, even though we are left in debt.

It is in our interest, for jobs alone, to leave Europe and trade more with the USA – so they tell us. This is one main reason for Brexit.

The aircraft carriers will have US F35B vertical take-off jets, USA chinooks and Apache helicopters and the new $1.3 trillion-development aircraft coming into the skies – F35 and F38 jets.

Allies are expected to buy them. Big bucks indeed. Will we become a state of America? Might as well.

It’s only fair, I suppose.

We share security in a world with wars created by our continual lust for fighting for or against religion, land, dominance over fellow man/women.

Saudia Arabia is a big spender as we boost their defence/attack in that area of the Middle East and secures jobs and profits for arms company shareholders, including our Royal Family.

So as the Russian submarines track our latest aircraft carriers around the world, our 10 nuclear subs, the Asute new class, at £3bn each, will keep us safe and play war games, tracking the Russkies but ensuring Faslane and 10,000 jobs and Portsmouth with 10,000 jobs.

Keep us safe and secure in the knowledge ‘if’ North Korea, Iran or Russia fire the first missile, we will respond, or if Donald Trump and his generals act first we will also help him with our nuclear capability and strength. – Yours,


Alan Robertson

Dykes Road


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