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Politics - SNP are running the country down

Sir, – In the Letters last week was a plea from K Heath.

I think he may have forgotten that it’s the SNP in charge in Scotland. The results in Scotland of the last THREE elections show that the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party is growing in popularity, whereas he vote shows that the SNP lost seats.

However, the SNP are still in charge, helped by the Green Party. It is them who have run down the NHS; it is them who are starving the NHS of funding; it is them who are lowering education standards; it is them who gave back temporary control of benefits, and it is them who are cutting money for local services.

It is because the council is being starved of money that Midlothian will face cuts in services.

So maybe he ought to be making a plea to the SNP voters not to vote for a party that is running Scotland down, whilst chasing their one aim of Independence. – Yours, etc.,

Pauline Winchester

Councillor for Midlothian West

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