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Queensferry Crossing - Should be proud of new bridge

Sir, – It is good to know that we can always rely on Martin Redfern for a different and distinctive perspective on events. His latest take (Letters, August 17) on the opening ceremony for the new road bridge across the Forth continues the pattern.

I have never heard of our First Minister being referred to as Queen Nicola: it is hardly the form of address one might expect from those he accuses of having “republican sympathies”. Madam President is more appropriate. I suspect Queen Nicola is a disparaging term used by the trolls on the Unionist social media.

The main point of his letter is to assert that in the interests of continuity and heritage Queen Elizabeth 1&2 should officiate. Perhaps he has forgotten or is unaware of his Scottish history.

The two Queensferry burghs are named after St Margaret, Queen to the Scottish King Malcolm 3, more commonly known as Malcolm Canmore. It was she who established a ferry crossing there for pilgrims in the late 11th century, giving rise to the name of the two towns. I fail to see the continuity and heritage link from that to the notion of ER opening the bridge.

On the contrary, and given that the construction costs of the bridge have been met by the Scottish Government and not Westminster, it would have been more appropriate for a Scottish Minister to perform the opening ceremony.

Unlike HS2 or the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace there was no extra funding from central government for the bridge. As has been the case with the Borders Railway and the dualling of the A9, costs have come from the Scottish Government’s capital allocations, these being but a fraction of Scotland’s revenues contribution to HM Treasury.

By any measure Scotland should be rightly proud of its iconic new bridge but in the interests of accuracy and truth please do not swallow the idea that it owes anything to those at Westminster. It is all our own doing. SNP good, do I hear him say? – Yours, etc.,

J F Davidson

Park Road


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