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Penicuik town centre - Surgery chose not to extend parking

Sir, – I write to correct factual errors in your Kevin Quinn article of August 18, 2017.

Penicuik Medical Practice stated that there was no space to extend their car park. This is not the case. Ground is available – it simply requires to be purchased and the surgery existing car park extended.

Further, the surgery stated that the existing surgery car park is reserved for 19 emergency vehicles. There are NOT 19 emergency vehicles at this surgery – never been, nor can be.

There a few vehicles used to directly access patients at short ntoice. The remaining spaces – reserved for surgery staff only – are purely to save staff walking more than a few yards to their work.

The shortage of car park spaces is purely a result of the surgery decision to reserve all spaces except four for disabled use (which can include surgery employees) for employees rather than the use of patients.

The surgery previously took the decision NOT to provide adequate parking when building the original facilties and again when building an extension.

The opportunity was available to increase parking but the surgery chose not to and Midlothian Council chose not to enforce parking provision (although it requires of all private sector projects).

Why should shoppers wishing to use Penicuik town centre be denied from doing so?

Is there a desire by some to push the business to Straiton? – Yours, etc.,

J Munro

Edinburgh Road


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