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Education- New high school for Gorebridge

Sir, – I was interested to read in The Advertiser of October 5, 2017 how I responded to your phone call, asking me what I thought of Midlothian Council’s decision to plan a new high school for Gorebridge.

My reply was completely off the cuff, for your call was the first I had heard of this brilliant news. In hindsight, I would just add in explanation that when I question the council’s fairness to Gorebridge people I am of course referring to Lothian Regional Council, who prepared the case that closed Greenhall.

Developers and home-buyers have proved Lothian planners mistaken. Edinburgh knew so little about Gorebridge that they said that we would not attract developers, because no-one wanted to live in our village which, moreover, had no railway link.

Gorebridge is delighted that, after a gap in excess of 20 years, growth from village to town and the support of local councillors now promise to restore for their young people a high school that focuses on maximum achievement in the three Rs and huge respect for the values of community.

To get the best out of the school, it must reflect the local population’s awareness of the unique contributions made to the development of their village by generations of hard-working and sometimes outstanding Gorebridgians. Giving today’s Gorebridge folk shared ownership of this project from the outset would send out an eloquent message.

While Gorebridge can hardly wait until this project comes to fruition, we have to lift our hats to Midlothian Council, who have taken a decision that will shape the future of Gorebridge for generations to come. – Yours, etc.,

Archie Pacey

Barleyknowe Road