Midlothian News

I write in reply to the SNP’s Cllr Owen Thompson who was in the Advertiser last week defending the existence of the Council’s own newspaper, Midlothian News.

I believe that Cllr Thompson misses the point: Midlothian already has a professionally edited and written newspaper covering our area. When budgets are tight why does the council need to run a rival publication to the Advertiser?

How much does it cost to produce this each year, I wonder? At the same time as this paper is being produced, other services are being cut.

Perhaps if the council got rid of their own newspaper they would save enough money to scrap the £104-a-year fee that they have recently levied on the elderly who need an alarm in their home to ensure their safety.

I am a journalism student and want to be able to move into the profession full-time when I graduate, but local papers are closing and merging all over the country. Councils should do all they can to support local titles – like the Advertiser.

It’s time to get priorities in order. I don’t think it’s sustainable for the SNP-led council to say there is no money for important services when they seem to find money enough for their own taxpayer-funded newspaper.

Sorry Cllr Thompson, but it’s time to pulp the paper.

Danielle Rowley

Shadepark Gardens, Dalkeith

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