Arnie unable to turn dominance into goals

The Arniston players will have arrived back in Midlothian after the long journey from Montrose wondering how they managed to return home empty-handed.

Wednesday, 13th April 2016, 11:00 am
Arniston v Montrose

Following a match which they dominated and in which home goalkeeper McLeod was by far the busier of the two, the points remained in Angus.

Arniston posted a notice of intent when they created the first chance of the match after just three minutes, but were foiled by McLeod’s first save of the day.

Roselea responded by winning a corner, but back came Arniston and Kateleza, who was their most threatening player, went close with a good turn in the box and fired his shot just past the post.

After 35 minutes, Kataleza was through on goal, but McLeod came sharply off his line to thwart him.

The first half ended goalless, but Arniston emerged from the interval in determined mood and completely dominated the first 25 minutes of the second half. Wave after wave of attack was launched and the Montrose goal lived a charmed life, with McLeod in splendid form as Arnie were simply unable to turn dominance into goals.

Roselea had a big let-off when Thomson missed a header and Kateleza was through again, but this time was given offside.

Fate then kicked Arniston in the teeth when Roselea, having had their backs to the wall, went up to the other end and opened the scoring after 70 minutes when a Collier shot broke to Mowatt who finished well under pressure.

It just wasn’t Arniston’s day. When it seemed certain they were about to equalise, up popped Roselea’s Thomson on the goalline to prevent the ball from crossing.

Mowatt fired another warning shot in Arnie’s direction when he headed just wide at the far post in 83 minutes, and two minutes later the coup de grace arrived when Chris Milne squared the ball across the pitch to set up team-mate Calum Watson, who sealed the home side’s victory.

For most of the match, it had looked like there would only be one winner, but Roselea dug in and took their chances when it mattered.