Broch are unknown quantity, says Horn

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Bonnyrigg Rose manager Robbie Horn says he doesn’t know what to expect from this Saturday’s Scottish Cup opponents Fraserburgh.

The Rose make the trip to Bellslea Park in the north-east town to take on the Highland League side, who have not tasted defeat yet this season.

“We’ve had plenty of new challenges this year, being in the Lowland League,” said Horn.

“It’s been great so far and now we’ve got the Scottish Cup.

“We’ve got what will be a difficult game against a good side who were top of their league till last weekend and are still undefeated, but we’re looking forward to it.

“We’ve played Highland League teams before in recent years but Fraserburgh are a bit more of an unknown because of the players they have.

“A lot of the time in Highland League sides, you will see a lot of ex-senior players whose names you recognise but Fraserbrugh don’t seem to have many of those.

“What they do have is guys with hunger, desire and a good spirit who will work hard for each other.

“They have kept the same group of players for years but make regular changes week in week out, with guys working off shore, so they’ve been really hard to scout.

“We’ve prepared the best we can, though, and it’s up to us to go up there and perform the best we can.

“They’re a good side and if we’re not at it we won’t win. If you can’t get up for a Scottish Cup game, you shouldn’t be playing football.”