Easthouses footballer looks back on a trophy winning trip to Ayr

This pic from 1999 brought back some fond memories for Greg, pictured front left
This pic from 1999 brought back some fond memories for Greg, pictured front left

A recent photo in our sports’ Looking Back section has evoked some happy memories of football success for a Midlothian man.

In the May 15 edition of the Advertiser we printed a photo of the Easthouses Lily Miners’ Welfare under 11s side from May 1999 with a trophy they had recently won in Ayrshire, asking readers if they recognised anyone in the picture.

That prompted 26-year-old business assistant Greg Gavin to get in touch with his recollections of their success.

He said: “The trip to Ayr was always the best thing on our calendar all year – a trip away from our mum and dads with the football team for an entire weekend.

“We stayed in a caravan park, as all the teams did who competed in the tournament. The games themselves were frantic, very fast paced and there was no real football played. No game could be predicted and defending didn’t really exist.

“I can’t remember who we played in the final but I remember the end of the game. The ref blew his whistle at one point for a free kick and we started running round the pitch celebrating before realising it wasn’t full time.

“The frantic game continued for a few more minutes and when the final whistle finally did come, our early embarrassment was quickly forgotten and again we ran round the pitch like we’d won the actual World Cup.

“That was the first major tournament we’d competed in since we starting playing 11-a-side so it was the first time we’d experienced winning an actual trophy and individual medals!

“The feeling of winning that trophy was a once in a lifetime experience – it would be impossible to replicate, unless I won the lottery!”

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