Juniors: Bonnyrigg manager’s first loss in five goal thriller

Bonnyigg 2-3 Sauchie
Bonnyigg 2-3 Sauchie

Bonnyrigg’s first defeat in 11 games saw them surrender all three points to visiting Sauchie last Saturday in a topsy turvy affair.

The visitors had first led 1-0 then trailed 2-1 to the Rose only for Sauchie to have the final say just like the week before when Sauchie visited Dalkeith Thistle in the Fife and Lothians Cup.

Bonnyrigg had netted their 40th goal of the season thanks to Blair Henderson just before the break via the penalty spot.

But it was Sauchie who opened the scoring with a soft penalty award as Sauchie’s Jon Tully proved a stumbling block to the home attacks.

Bonnyrigg deserved to take something from the game but instead they lost their fifth league match of the season in game number 12.

It was a decent enough game but a Conor Kelly hat-trick for Sauchie stole the show.

And it was Kelly who went down on the half hour mark for Sauchie’s penalty which he duly put away himself though keeper David Hay did get a strong hand to the ball.

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