Strength in numbers at Easthouses

Representatives from the Easthouses Community Club
Representatives from the Easthouses Community Club

Easthouses Lily is planning to become a community club with Mayfield’s Scotland star Darren Fletcher agreeing to be its patron.

The Lily will join forces with Easthouses Boys’ Club, Easthouses Amateurs and Mayfield Amateurs to come together under the Easthouses Community Club banner, with 200-300 players representing the club.

A committee for the new club has been formed which includes representatives from the four clubs, Newbattle Community High School and the local community, guided by representatives from the SFA and Midlothian Council.

Easthouses Lily chairman David Arthur said: “It helps us develop players right through from young children to amateurs, to the East of Scotland League. We have a number of children that we lose to other areas. If we can develop our facilities then hopefully we can keep our players and train them right through.

“We want to develop our facilities. We have new changing rooms which we will open soon. We have had a lot of help from locals working on that.

“And we have floodlights too now, so it’s all about meeting the SFA requirements so we can progress as a club.

“Part of this community club is working together to identify exactly what is what and look at facilities throughout our region. There is a lot we could possibly tap into.

“We have had a couple of meetings with the SFA, we have formed a committee and we are in the progress of designing a logo bringing together the four teams.

“It’s all positive, bringing it all together, it’s something we should have done some time ago. Hopefully it will bring benefit to all the clubs and the wider community.

“It’s something that has opened my eyes. It’s mapping out what is there and the possibilities of working together.

“We have got a lot of keen people who are eager to work together. We will soon be going into the community to explain what we are all about.”

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