Kick-off for Midlothian soccer sixes

THE new six-a-side league organised by soccersixes in Dalkeith kicked off this week with 12 teams taking part.

Grading games took place for teams to be entered into divisions of their own standard. The league officially kicks off next week with two divisions of eight teams – and now has just three spaces still available.

The results from the grading games were: Heiniken 4, Lionface 0; Clubhouse 4, Egmon Homes 0; Brazil 2, Rag of The UK 1; fc Chronic 3, Rag 0; JD United 0, RJS 6; Strollers 0, Blades 5; N& C 6, Real GSE 1; Norfolk 0, Acington 1; Reds 1, Kingpins 3; Dento AFC 1, Warriors 8; Big Timers 5, Dream Team 9; Everton AFC 1, The Business 1.

Soccersixes Chris Murphy commented: “We could not have wished for it to have operated more smoothly than it did. 12 teams turned up, the games were played in good spirit and refereed by top quality FA officials.

“We were surprised at the number of spectators – there must have been in all more than 500 people.”

New teams wishing to join the league – and get a free kit when they join – can contact soccersixes league manager Adam on 07581 040860.

New teams can register online via the website at